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One of the reasons as to why you should have the Amazon Fire Tablet is its price. It is cheap and also runs Android applications on it. Unfortunately, it has no Play Store or Google Apps of any kind. For those interested in having the 7-inch Fire then be sure to set aside your $49 for it.

Things That Make Amazon Fire Tablet Great

Price is one thing that makes this tablet attract attention from many customers. Going at $49 means that the Amazon Fire tablet is almost too cheap to ignore.

Another thing is its carriage relative to its price. With the Amazon Fire Tablet, you never have to worry about losing it through such acts as being stolen or even destroyed. It is a 7-inch device which slips into your bag pocket leaving a plenty of space to spare. Moreover, the toughness of this device ensures that it is not easily destroyed by such acts as falling on the floor.

Consume media: You can download Prime Video to a MicroSD card to view them offline. The tablet has an internal storage of 8 GB while this is enhanced with the cheap SD card that in turn give you a plenty space to have your content saved when you are offline. In addition, those who enjoy movies can use the Amazon Fire Tablet’s MicroSD card to store these prime movies for offline viewing.

The Google Play Store has been substituted with the Underground program in this tablet. You can get plenty of free apps from this Underground program.  For those who are Prime subscribers then they can buy whatever they need. Unfortunately, this device won’t play some of the latest and most graphics-intensive games well, but you can enjoy the casual titles.

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Although Amazon will not have any affiliation with Google to cater for your music needs, you can still enjoy this with the robust content ecosystem provided by your Amazon tablet. Your yearly Prime subscription caters for the music and so it is expected that subscribers will not complain too much

The 7-inch Fire tablet will suit your needs better if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. However, if you want a basic tablet for taking in content still this tablet suits your needs. A $49 will be a reasonable price for this amazing device which has a lot of things that make it better than others.

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