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In a recent report, half of earning of twitter was shown which was not much appreciating. Around 12% amount of decrease in stock is seen in trading and twitter is the noticeable cause. Twitter has lost most of its gains which it acquired last year. In last year report, some positive accounts of twitter were seen concerning the company. Everything came under Wall Street’s analysts when some active users have plunged beyond than expectations. But this year the average number of users has fallen. Its advertising business is prevaricating once again causing an alarming situation for a company.

The prosperity of the company is gauged by the number of its active users. And in the case of twitter. It is always difficult to count Twitter’s audience. It is so because most of the time contents are disclosed on other platforms. It is also trying to expand regarding live video.

The company has decided to move away from MAU metric. It is so because MAU metric is collaborating more with other advertising networks such as Facebook.

The stock plunge proved to be revolutionary for company’s success in future. But it is obvious that it’s not going to help in short tenure. Twitter is trying its best to get back its lost stocks and control the adverse situation. To improve morale and introduced new talent, it is obliged to keep that price up.

Twitter is working hard to launch such products that will make its services better. Such as presenting algorithmic feeds and curb harassments.

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To less depend upon MAU, twitter has to find another way. So it has started to focus more on the figure of active users on a daily basis. This was the strategy used by snap, and this is how it took the lead over Facebook.

The major purpose is to agree Wall Street that twitters audiences are more valuable as compared to that of Facebook’s eyeballs. Twitter has more viewers than Facebook. Most of the people are seen engaged in tweets and visit twitter multiples times in a day. It means greater number of viewers, more exclusive ads and it means that company will have a chance to rebuild its lost position in the market. Then it will its DAUs.

Though still twitter is not sure about those DAUs. It is not much open about its tech moves, and it is not telling its growth rates openly. It is opening only limited amount of information and giving charts without Y axis while discussing DAUs. Most probably in future, these topics become clearer.

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