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Instagram Stories has taken the lead just one year after its launch as compared to Snapchat in the world of visual communication. Recently Instagram business stories have gone viral. It has also amplified the average use of the app. That is 24 minutes for 25 or more than 25 years of age in a day and 32 minutes for those less than 25 age.

Though it was among goals of Facebook to stop the fame path of Snapchat and that why Instagram stories got success. Monthly averages of snap chat users have plunged from 17.2% to only 5% and so is the case with a share price which has fallen from $17 IPO to $13.

In comparison, Instagram stories daily users have grown up to 250 million, and that of snap chat users are 166 million. On average Instagram users pays 30 minutes per day more than Snapchat. Also 20 minutes for 25+ age group and 30 minutes for under 25s per day snap mentioned in its IPO filing.

It is a noticeable amount of users congregating towards Instagram. Instagram has stolen some party tricks and key use cases of snap chat. It is observed that Instagram has the same kind of filters use as in Snap like puppy virtual ears.

Five most emerging face filters of Instagram include koala bears at the 5th number and bunny ears at the 3rd number. They are enthused from Snap’s dog face filter. In the interim, Instagram is also introducing other stickers and features. Like Instagram stories birthday celebrations.

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Instagram is rapidly doubling snap chat. Though it took more than three years for its launching.In April, Instagram has officially launched it’s stolen and copied stickers of snap chat. And not only this, but it has also converted its direct features into snap chat short-lived messaging private contestant. Via enabling people to send quick graphic texts which fade away. It users has grown up to 375 million monthly.

By copying chat features from snap chat, it enables Instagram to become one of the most popular messaging apps after WeChat, Whatsapp, and Messenger. Now you can get replies to business messages can be received via Instagram stories also allows you for private channel communicating with your customers.


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Instagram has mentioned in its title lines that it is the place where you can share your memories and highlight them in the form of stories. Kevin Systrom assists you to display your every moment in a way that you wish. These stories allowed you to share stories on other apps like Facebook.

WhatsApp status has bellowed to 250 million users defeating messenger and Facebook stories behind.

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