iPhone X Rumors

iPhone X Rumors

The next iPhone is set to be released by the end of this year, but its distant release date hasn’t stopped excited iPhone fans from talking. The new iPhone might be a bit different in appearance than previous versions, as this model is made specifically with the upcoming celebration of iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

The iPhone X is said to be a celebratory model and an expensive model (as we expected) that is chalked full of technical design and useful features. There are a number of design rumors going around about the iPhone X, and we’re going to discuss the most popular of them here.


The iPhone X probably isn’t going to look like previous rumors have suggested that it might. Credible sources from Apple’s supply chain have mentioned that the iPhone X looks more like an iPhone 7 with glass than a whole new device. The rear facing camera has been reoriented and the distinct bezel on the Y axis of the phone will be much thinner than on previous models. A front facing camera module will enable facial scanning like on the popular Samsung Galaxy S8, and the phone will reportedly support 3 GB of RAM and include a glass body that is water-resistant and supports wireless charging.

Another popular rumor suggests that the company will be moving the iPhone X’s Touch ID sensor into the display area of the device, but a recent leak has blown this rumor into shreds. Sources that are close to Apple say that Apple has created a number of test devices with fingerprint scanners under the glass. They also claim that the performance evaluations of these test devices weren’t good.

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The iPhone X could sport a fingerprint sensor on its back- an advance that isn’t so much of an advance as it is a way for the iPhone X to fit in with successful Android devices that are already on the market and loved by millions.

Regardless of what the phone looks like, it’s going to be a big breakthrough for the company. iPhone users are excited for its release, and many will willingly fork over the hefty price tag amount in order to try it for themselves.

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