Skype Limits Updates of its Web-Targeted Version

Skype Limits Updates of its Web-Targeted Version skype web version 1

The popular messaging app Skype has been focusing on serving the wide base of users everywhere with the latest and most renovated features; this year the app has debuted its bigger group calling feature, with up to 50 members in a single chat, and has been promising to unveil more messaging features in the next months. In February, Microsoft announced that Skype version for web is going to be updated soon in order to enhance the overall performance of the messaging platform.

The web version of Skype is a substitute solution for users who can’t utilize Skype and its various features without a browser; the user can use Skype via a webpage and can easily access all of the new and old features of the messenger – such as the call recording feature and high-quality videos. However, the recent Skype update by Microsoft doesn’t seem to be as expected since the established company decided to renovate and represent the web version of Skype according to its own criterion.

Reportedly, the latest Skype version for webpages will be only available for Chrome and Edge browsers, meaning that Opera, Firefox and Safari will be left behind with no upgraded Skype version. This limited Skype for web update didn’t obviously suit many of the users in many countries since there are millions of people who are using Skype via Firefox or Opera. Limiting the update to only Chrome and Edge browsers puts Skype in a tough position as the app seems to be biased by not granting the majority of the browsers the latest update. Moreover, the newest Skype for web version is only available for Windows 10 and MacOS 10.12. The recent limited update has, of course, infuriated some of the users who were awaiting the improved web venison in order to use it via any browser – not just the supported ones by Microsoft. Users who can’t access the latest Skype web update currently have two options: either to change the browser they’re using, or to change the messaging platform itself!

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Skype web version

Nevertheless, users who have access to the recent Skype web version can enjoy the couple of new and renovated features that developers of the messenger implanted in the update. There is now a media gallery in Skype that provides you with pictures without leaving or wandering around the chat; there is also a notifications alerting feature that informs you with the most recent messages or conversational updates. And let’s not forget about the improved search feature that helps the user navigate the old messages and chats easily. The Skype platform has definitely represented the users with innovative and unique messaging and interface features that’ll hopefully ease the daily communications, but many users and experts are indeed unsatisfied with the latest limited update of Skype for web browsers and they demand Microsoft an immediate change of plans.

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