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Download WhatsApp Business for iOS Devices WhatsApp Business Available iOS Devices 1

The platform of WhatsApp Business has been growing noticeably since its launch as millions of users are now fully benefiting from this innovative business-based app that helps making the online entrepreneurship and business management more easy and efficient than before. The rising business app was initially introduced to Android devices that have been testing its features and benefiting from its resources since its official release.

Many users, however, started to demand the release of a WhatsApp Business version for iOS devices in order to give a bigger range of audience the ability to utilize the new platform. Thankfully, developers of the app announced that iOS devices are going to be equipped with WhatsApp Business in the next few weeks. The recent news were delightfully welcomed by millions of users of iOS devices who were awaiting this step since last year. Since its launch, WhatsApp Business has been garnering decently positive reviews and good feedback from audience members who found the app to be a useful tool to professionally communicate with customers and business partners.

WhatsApp users in Mexico, Brazil and France reported that the business version of the platform has been included in the online stores for iOS devices; WhatsApp Business was launched last year for Androids only. The lack of the business app on iOS devices somehow angered the users who expected the WhatsApp messenger to provide all types of devices with the business version at the same time; however, it seems that it has taken over a year to present iOS users with WhatsApp Business.

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WhatsApp Business is Now Available for iOS Devices

The business features presented via the app vary and are found to be beneficial for all parties involved in any business. WhatsApp Business provides easy communication features to stay in touch with customers 24/7; there are also communication properties specified for business partners and companies – such as greeting messages and info lists. And let’s not forget that video and audio calls are enhanced on the business app in order to provide the best service for the WhatsApp Messenger user to manage his business online in an easy and effective way.

The WhatsApp company has introduced two business apps til date – WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API; the API version is used as one of the monetization strategies of the messenger’s company. Nevertheless, the WhatsApp Business version is free and available for all users with no need to worry about any expenses. After the debut of the business app on iOS devices, it’s expected that more management and entrepreneurship features are going to be unveiled in 2019 to meet the requirements of the markets and customers.

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