Instagram reveals plan to start blocking nude photos in your news feed

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As part of the plans to make it platform a better place, Instagram has unveiled another plan to start blurring picture that is termed “sensitive” in your news feed. This feature is added to the platform to make Instagram safer for its user. As we all know that in recent months, the company has been working and updating some of its features to make the platform a better place for it users.

However, as part of the processes, the company made a new announcement about the changes that has occurred in what pictures are allowed to be posted on the social networking site.

The new rule is made to block photos that are nude and immoral from the site. According to the post that comes with the announcement, Instagram confirmed that the images that will be blocked are those that have been reported by other users but we cannot block them since they do not break the platform’s terms and conditions. However, since the rules have been updated now, we now have the right to block photos that violate the service’s guidelines.

Now, when you are checking pictures or browsing through a user profile, you might start seeing blurry images. This will be done on images that other users have reported and the Instagram team sees as “nude”; although, you can still view the images if you want by tapping the screen. The feature is added to make you aware of the level of nudity of the image.

Instagram also announced a two-factor verification system to make the platform security oriented. The feature has been under test for sometimes now, but early this week the company announced it is now available for all it users. The verification system allows you to confirm your account every time you log in by entering a code that will be sent to your mobile phone via text.

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However, before turning the verification system on, it is advisable to confirm if the phone number linked to your Instagram account is correct. The feature is added to the Instagram platform to make it safer for the users; however, it is not compulsory to use but if you like to use the two-way verification system, you can switch it on under your profile settings.

If you like to enjoy any of this new feature, you can check the Instagram sites or download the iOS or android app.

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