Google extends the “Smart Reply” feature to Android and IOS

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As we all know that it is very easy to read your emails but replying to them may look a little bit tedious especially for those who are away or on a run, and this has made Google launch a feature known as “Smart Reply” to make replying messages easier and to save the time taken.

Smart Reply uses machine-learning algorithm to reply to email. Using the algorithm, Smart reply can read incoming messages and by this, it will be able to suggest simple and appropriate replies to them (like “Sure”, “Yes”, Thank You” or maybe any other words). However, the feature was only available on Google Inbox and Allo messenger before but today 16th of May 2017, the Tech giant announced that it will be extending the feature to android and IOS platforms.

According to the article released on the Company’s blog, it was noted that more than 12 percent of the feature in inbox has been moved to mobile, making it easy to use Smart Reply on Android and IOS platforms.

How does it work?

The smart reply was mainly designed to save the time taken in replying to messages using the machine-learning algorithm designed by a team of engineers at Google. However, with the algorithm, the system will be able to give appropriate responses to emails or messages. According to the post on Google’s blog, it was confirmed that with time, the system would be able to generate appropriate responses for you and base on the common words you use in your replies.

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According to Greg Bullock in his post, He confirmed that “Smart Reply” was developed to generate three to four replies based on the message the algorithm detected. This will be shown at the bottom of the screen when you want to reply to the messages you received. However, you can decide to select one or use any of the suggestion in your message or modify your selection.

Although Smart Reply works really well (especially for me) and the brains behind the system has never stopped working on it to improve the system but with this, however, it has been a step forward on making it better and more accurate.

From their post, it was confirmed that the feature will first be available world-wide in English and in few weeks to come the Spanish version of the feature will be available. However, Google promises to release the Smart Reply in other languages in near future and to make the system smarter.

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