Why Hike Messenger is different from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger?

Why Hike Messenger is different from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger? hike messenger app 1


What is Hike Messenger? Why Hike Messenger is different from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger? Here are few things you should need to know about Hike Messenger.

Whatsapp messenger vs Hike

There are so many reasons which I will tell you why Hike messenger is different from WhatsApp in comparison? I am sure you are thinking about it. Let’s get start Hike Messenger is an app used for free text messaging. It is mainly a communication app.

There are some benefits of using hike app compare to whatsapp. It is used for sending and receiving photos, videos, texts, calling and etc on free of cost. Hike Messenger has a unique quality which whatsapp doesn’t that you can send and receive messages even in offline also in Hike messenger. Hike messenger has a Facebook sign in option, support widgets, sms inbox integration option, it has a walkie talkie feature and compatible with retro devices.

In whatsapp you only need a sim to login but in hike messenger you don’t need a sim card to login. But there are some disadvantages of hike compare to whatsapp. Hike messenger doesn’t has a gallery but whatsapp has. In whatsapp there is a privacy option but in Hike messenger there is no privacy option even you cannot switch off notification. But in whatsapp you can easily switch off notification.

Facebook messenger vs Hike

Hike messenger doesn’t has tablet optimized. Now, I will tell you that why Hike messenger is better than Facebook messenger. It has two way opt-in, has end to end encryption, it has search option, you can also send documents through Hike messenger, Hike messenger has higher raking on play store compare to Facebook messenger.

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Through hike messenger you can send contact stamp. But Facebook messenger doesn’t allow this all things. Facebook doesn’t has these features. Hike messenger has smaller app size in iOS compare to Facebook messenger.

Facebook takes 33MB and Hike messenger takes 18.4MB. Hike messenger has two way video chat but Facebook messenger doesn’t has this feature. Hike messenger is becoming popular. It is customers are increasing day to day. This is why Hike messenger different from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in comparison.

People always ask: Is hike messenger safe to use? I want to tell them that it is totally save to use. Don’t worry about it. As Hike messenger gives 128 bit for Secure Sockets Layer on Wi-Fi. And mobile phone services already use SLL Security.

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