Top Chinese Portal Websites

Top Chinese Portal Websites

Listed below are the 10 hottest Chinese portal sites centered on Alexa Worldwide Traffic Rank. Wish the number could be of some help you should you wish to find out about China with oriental or examine Chinese.
Alexa rank: 7 is China’s most visited Asian website launched by Tencent. It provides a number of services including active areas, information, leisure products and other essential services.
Alexa rank: 15

Sina offers comprehensive Chinese data towards the Chinese customers for 24 hours, Its solutions protect domestic and global information including areas of activities, leisure, style, fund, engineering, property, etc., its most renowned items are sina website, microblog and sina movie.
Alexa rank: 29

Zhang Chaoyang in 1995 created Sohu. It’s a large website and press site that provides leisure information, activities, business and fund, and cars and articles for various programs
Alexa rank: 38

163 can be a common web site among Chinese youths. It offers netizens with free email, activities, internet search engine providers and content channels of leisure information, activities, and conversation website and videos.
Alexa rank: 59

GMW is official site of Guangming Daily, among the primary China newspapers. It features crucial main information concentrating on theory and philosophy.
Alexa rank: 63 is official website site of Phoenix Tv, a Hongkong-based Cantonese and Mandarin Tv. It includes a mixture of solutions including financial and governmental information and current affairs through music reviews, movie and talkshows.
Alexa rank: 68

The Xinhua News Agency, an essential information body of the China central government sponsors Xinhuanet. It produces information 24 hours everyday in ten languages, European, Asian, English, French, Spanish, specifically, Arabic, Japanese and Tibetan.

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Alexa ranking 84 premiered in 1997, it’s official site of People’s Daily, among the world’s top papers. It produces information 24 hours each day covering different areas including images, text, movie, microblogging and other means.
Alexa rank: 97 is just a website community providing you with rich information through different verticals, for example car and military.
Alexa rank: 220

The approved government portal website,, offers upto-day information including a success of essential details about politics Chinese history, economics and culture.

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