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With the abundance of various communication apps available to download, we are never lacking of choice to choose which one that suits our need. We can message our colleagues for free with Viber, Tango, or WhatsApp, or making video call to our beloved ones with Tango or Skype. All of those previously mentioned apps have changed the digital communication into the one that we commonly acknowledge in today’s society, but still each of them has their own limitations.

Julien Decot, the Vice President of business development on TextMe!, commends that all of those previously stated apps were great. But the problem between them is, he claimed, that they are exists as five different, separate apps. Each of them is only great in their own specialization of features. However, Text Me! is designed to merge all the best aspects that these services has into one, single multiplatform communicational tools.

With over five years of experience in tailoring Skype’s corporate strategies, Julien Decot uses his knowledge to reinvents a new Skype for mobile uses along with several features those popular mobile communication apps has in their respective brands. Text Me! offers its user with text messaging, voice calls, and video calls service that can also connects to any other phones in the US and  over 200 countries combined. It can also turns iPods and a tablet into a phone with issuing a phone number for every Text Me! users in every country. And to finish it off, it also offers a freemium service where users can earn credits to use services that they would normally have to pay for e.g outbound calls. Here is the summary of what Text Me! has to offer:

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Integrated Communication Tools in 1 App

With Text Me! installed in your phone, you have all the best features of every other apps combined. Text Me! presents Pinger’s unique phone number assignment to handle voice messaging , text, and calls without using the internet, while also offers in-network video chats as in what Skype and Tango does. It is also offers extensive text messaging features, complete with group management, emojis and multimedia files sharing. All of those features are available in just one app.

Turn Your Non-phone Devices into Softphone

By assigning unique numbers within the user’s ID, Text Me! can literally turns your iPod or tablets into a functionally working mobile phone. You can make a call by either using mobile line or internet to connect to any phone numbers over the world, even if they don’t have Text Me! installed in their phone. Do take a note that Text Me! still charges you for phone calls to the non-Text Me! user, domestically or internationally.

Phone Credits Purchase with Freemium Features

Text Me! will charge you for any calls or text messages to the number that is not having Text me! installed in their phone. These charges are in forms of credits, which you can buy $1 for 40 credits, or $100 for 500 credits. 10 Credits can gives you 10 minutes domestic  call and 1 minute and half international call. But luckily, Text Me! also offers freemium service, where you can gain credits via promotions. By watching video advertisement or  downloading promoted app, you can gain 1 to 20 credits per successful promotion campaign.

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