Download WhatsApp Plus: Is Back and it is More Stable


WhatsApp Plus was a developed a few months after the official WhatsApp was created. What motivated its developers to design it was that the official WhatsApp did not have some features. Such as its privacy setting were lacking.

So when WhatsApp Plus was launched and WhatsApp users saw that it had better features than the original WhatsApp they started moving and installing WhatsApp Plus. Soon after its launch WhatsApp was on almost all online app stores and this made the developers of the original WhatsApp unhappy. The WhatsApp developers requested that WhatsApp Plus be removed from the stores but that did not work out. Since this did not work they came up with their own method to deal with it. If you uninstalled WhatsApp Plus and later reinstalled the official WhatsApp you were banned from using it for 24 hours. This discouraged people from using WhatsApp Plus and most went back to using the official WhatsApp application. But the lucky ones who did not uninstall WhatsApp Plus continued enjoying its benefits.

However, WhatsApp developers were wrong in thinking that these would bring an end to the growth of WhatsApp Plus. The developers of the unofficial WhatsApp application went back to the drawing board and came up with an even more stable version, WhatsApp Plus 6.70.

WhatsApp Plus Users

WhatsApp Plus users will no longer be banned from using WhatsApp. Apart from the features that were in the previous version, they have added new ones. Like in the new official WhatsApp version, they have come up with a new material design and it also has a voice call feature. It offers more themes than the previous version. It also allows you to hide your online status.

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In the new version you can also change the header and the background colour. In the official WhatsApp version you can send video and audio messages only if they do not exceed 16mb, but in the new WhatsApp Plus you can send up to 50mb. People who use the official WhatsApp start paying 0.99 dollars to use the application after they have used it for one year. WhatsApp Plus is completely free.

If WhatsApp wants to do away with WhatsApp Plus for good they really need to add some features to their application because at the moment, to be totally honest WhatsApp Plus is offering better features.

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