BBM Messenger App for iOS Beta is Updated

BBM Messenger App iOS Beta Updated

There is a new update to the BBM messenger app for iOS Beta. This update will incorporate message retraction and timed messages. This new update to the BBM messenger app for iOS beta by BlackBerry adds a number of cool new features to the app to make it more fantastic.

Users can now retract a message that has been sent hurriedly with this update. For instance, if you sent a message in haste to somebody in the heat of an argument and regretted later that you shouldn’t have sent it immediately, provided that the message was not yet read by the recipient, you can withdraw the message, with this new update. You can then edit the message in a friendly tone and then send it again.

On the other hand, the update will allow you set a timer to give your message a specific shelf life prior to it self destructs. The TIMER feature can give you peace of mind, knowing fully well that your message will no longer be available to be read, if you don’t want what you have written to remain later, just in case it is read by wrong people.

In this regards, you are allowing the addressee of your communiqué a certain period of time to read what you have to say before it disappears perpetually. Both the Timer and the message retraction feature are available using a separate subscription.

Subsequently, users are allowed to report a bug from the left menu of the main screen of BBM, with this update. When talking about bugs, some of them are corrected with this newly updated build of the BBM for iOS beta.

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If someone is making a call with BBM hung up at the same time that the person that was called answered the phone, one odd one would freeze or crash the app. Another bug repaired would not permit Arabic numbers to be used when typing in a PIN to begin a chat.

Finally, none of the other versions of BBM including Windows phone, Android and BlackBerry have a better version available. On the other hand, there is no statement on what time this build of BBM for iOS will drop the beta designation. The BBM messenger app for iOS beta is available in the course of Test-Flight.

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