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Quite a number of phones have as high expectations and much pressure placed on them as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Taking a brand new device out of its box and looking at all it new features, it is uncomplicated to be vowed by new phones right from when they are announced. The Galaxy Note 5 had abundance to be happy about when it was first initiated— a proven camera setup from the Galaxy S6, new snappy internals, a fresh design for the Note line.

But the question is; how well does the excitement holds up, two months after? Is the camera as grand as it argued? Does the glass-backed design work in this bigger size? How is its battery life? You can only get answers to these questions after a longer time of using a phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

1. The hardware: Design, size and materials

Note 5 looks great and it is hard to find many design flaws in it. It just feels and looks extraordinary, apart from the fact that it is durable. You get a nice bit of glisten and change colors when you look at it from different angles that actually pop, whether you opt choose to get the dark blue model or a bit brighter.

The curved edges of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 make a great difference and you will have no issues with it slipping out of your hand.

2. Display and fingerprint sensor

As far as displays are concerned, Samsung is absolutely killing competition, and Note 5 is a typical example of what it can offer in a phone screen. It comes with enormous screening angles, profound blacks and colors that actually pop. Its range of brightness that gets incredibly dark when you are using it at night is possibly the most inspiring and remarkable feature of the display.

Everything about the display of Note 5 is perfect and nothing to be upset about.

When talking about mobile payments, there is also additional importance of the fingerprint sensor. Despite the fact that Android Pay and Samsung Pay can both be authenticated with a PIN code, using a one-touch fingerprint sensor now makes Note 5 a flawless experience.

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3. Software, interface and performance

The Note 5 software, interface, and performance are superb. The TouchWiz interface is not horrible on the eyes and the truth is that the software really works accurately— you can always switch your phone's launcher. However, if Samsung had made an appalling UX decision in the lock screen, settings, or something of the like, it would be very difficult to repair or correct on your own.

Galaxy Note 5 may not come with the best design though, but that is fixable — what really matters and important is that it works, and works perfectly well.

4. Two months of photos

The camera of Note 5 is stronger to take magnificent pictures with the speed of light. As a matter of fact, it is just so fast to launch and take pictures. It is extremely accessible, and the resulting pictures are not in any way compromised to get the speed. When you leave the Note 5 in auto mode — generally with HDR on — you can take pictures in any situation that will blow people away.

Furthermore, the automatic settings of the camera are just good and this is a sign of a great camera. The camera is one of the unblemished features of the Note 5

5. Battery life and charging

The battery of Note 5 can last for a whole day with much still left to use some other time, or even make it late into the evening in case of heavy use. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the battery life and charging of Note 5 battery, despite the fact that there were early worries about the possible longevity considering the fact that the battery is sealed in the phone and a bit smaller.

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