Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy C would have a dual camera setup

galaxy note  dual camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or maybe Galaxy C would have a dual camera setup. According to the reports of some of the top tech websites that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is having dual camera setup which all the Samsung users and Android users are waiting for a very long time.

Users are waiting that this setup will come in the latest flagship of Samsung which is Samsung Galaxy S8 but Samsung keeps this dual camera module for its hi-end flagship of Note series. Rumors are also coming that there is optical image stabilization is also coming in the front lens of the smartphone.

But according to a well-known leaker of the smartphones i.e @mmddj_china tweets that the “first dual camera Samsung Smartphone is not the Galaxy Note 8”. In one of his tweets, he said that the dual camera setup will be in Galaxy C smartphone. He releases a handmade drawing of the Galaxy C smartphone in which there is dual camera setup is present.

But we cannot prefer a hand drawn drawing of the dual camera module of a well-known smartphone making company. But there are so many other leaks which said there is a dual camera module is coming in the next upcoming flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Samsung is late to apply this technology to their smartphones. All the Samsung users appreciate that Samsung is excellent in their camera hardware, that is the reason all the Samsung users are waiting for a dual camera setup which makes the images clicked by Samsung Galaxy Smartphone more clear and vibrant.

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Setting this dual camera module in the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be too risky for the company because it is the most important smartphone that Samsung manufacturers, that are the reason they are setting this module in the Galaxy Note 8.

The best way to try this new camera module for Samsung is to set it into another smartphone so that if there will be any complication comes, the flagship smartphone will be safe. It is not clear that this setup will come on Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy C, but it is confirmed that Galaxy C launch will be before then the Galaxy Note 8.

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