Apple is trying to make an Google Home & Amazon echo like Home Assistant

Google Home Amazon echo

Apple Inc. is trying to make a device that can give a competition to Google Home and Amazon Echo home assistance. For this kind of tech, Apple is using their Personal Assistant i.e Siri, that can perform many things like controlling Smart home devices playing Apple music, setting reminders and timers and check weather conditions of your area.

This device also helps you to reach your destination on time with the help of map services. There is also a rumor about this device that it will have AirPlay kind of support by which you can stream your content from your iOS device directly to television screen. The code name of this device is “B238” and this name was revealed by MacRumours.

The design of this device looks comparable to Mac Pro having the similarity of Boom Bluetooth speakers and having a concave top where the controls of the device are located. Rumors also said that Apple will announce this device at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) which is going to be held between 5th of June to 9th of June.

The planning of making voice-activated speaker started from 2014 when the Home kit was released, which provides the opportunity to the smart home companies to make products which can operate with Siri. In some of their prototypes, facial-recognition features are also included for the customization and security needs.

Apple always updates Siri with some new features but in reality, update never stops. The developers of Siri is trying to make Siri more useful so that it can work with many intonations and voicings, which is the most important point for any voice activated speakers because they need to control the Smart home devices which were controlled by many users. Siri can understand many languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

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Apple is also selected to make a separate OS (Operating system) for the voice activated speakers platform just like the way TV OS is created only for the Apple TV and watch OS was created for Apple watch.

All these leaks were given by Dickson, last month he also tweeted an image in which there is the rear casing of iPhone 8.

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