Facebook Copies Snapchat by using Augmented Reality Filters

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Facebook is well aware of the fact that Snapchat is getting very popular among all social media networks, which is very true as in 2017, the video remained as a king of the social media network. Facebook has constantly been depicted that Mark Zuckerberg and his team looked to consider the best plan for up keeping of their company by simply copying others.

The latest advancement in this field is the Facebook’s recent update of its in-app camera. This shows that FB is using the augmented reality in the form of absurd Snapchat filters, to the high level. These filters will be called as “Facebook Camera Effects” and will contain “frames, masks, and integrated filters.” Facebook will also be getting profit on these filters, with the sponsors of branded content from the films such as Despicable Me 3 and Guardian of the Galaxy 2.

The filtered picture and videos also have two options for sharing. They can be sent directly to some of the friends through Facebook Direct and will vanish after they are seen by the recipient. They can also be shared with Facebook friends via Facebook Stories, by clicking on the “Your Story” option present on the top of the news feed. These stories will vanish after a day. Consider this option just like the snaps of Snapchat as that is they are.

These new features are especially for the Facebook app, on the platform of iOS and Android and they are apparently completely different both from the “My Day” feature in the Messenger app and from the Facebook Live. Presently, it not clear that either of these two will combine with the latest photo features.

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The new camera options, which start to roll out recently, have been in process for one whole year. Sachin Monga, the production manager of Facebook, said that the company really consider that it is close to the start of this shift towards the visual content than it is towards its destination. The focus of users is not on text now but largely on the photos and videos.

Monga further told that the Facebook is completely ready to get a ride on the AR hype. One of the most exciting parts of the release of these new features is that Facebook has got the ability to use the AR camera for more than 1 billion users who use this app daily.

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