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The iOS app known as GroupMe has recently been updated in order to give the entire application support for a dark mode. The latest update brings the app to version 5.8.0 and additionally adds the option for automatically selecting a theme due to the brightness of the display.  Of course, there are additional fixes for bugs and improvements to the general performance for iOS devices.

This latest update is now live and can be downloaded for the GroupMe app in the App Store.

Many students use GroupMe for specific classes where they use it to inquire about class instructions, due dates and other assignment information, or to even help with studying the course material.

Students cite the app’s ease of use in why they choose it for help when they need it. The quick response rate helps a great deal as well, since there are so many people currently using the app.

Unfortunately, GroupMe and other apps for mass messaging actually violate the academic honesty policy and is seen on the overall, as a means of cheating. While the UGA Honesty Policy doesn’t exactly call out social media as being prohibited, use of the mass messaging apps, such as GroupMe, is said to fall under the “unauthorized assistance” definition.

Students are often reported for academic dishonesty, when professors think that answers to quizzes, tests and such have been passed around on social media apps such as GroupMe. After being reported there are four different outcomes that are possible.

First, the instructor and the student can both agree that no violation occurred. Second, both student and instructor agree that there has been a violation. Third, it could be that no agreement is reached on whether or not there has been a violation. Finally, there is not agreement as to a sanction for the violation.

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The Vice President of UGA has stated that any misuse of a social media app used with intention to cheat compromises the integrity of any degree that they receive, and hopes that the majority of the students there feel the same way.

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