Instagram adds a brand new twist: Boomerang and Superzoom

instagram stories Boomerang Superzoom

Since the release of Instagram stories, it has attracted a huge number of users who want to give it a shot. The new feature of Instagram that debuted back in 2016 has provided to be a fierce competitor to other famous apps that use the same criterion.

The notorious stories have lured more users to spend more hours a day experiencing the depths of the stories. In fact, the popularity of Instagram generally blasted to a new level along the stories service that it has reached 800 million active users a month. However, Instagram didn’t settle down after the breakthrough of its newest feature, Instagram stories, but every now and then the famous app adds a brand new twist, such as Boomerang and Superzoom.

But to experience the Instagram stories to the fullest, as a user, you must know few tweaks and tricks to indulge in your stories. For instance, you can add a colorful rainbow to your stories texts by simply coloring the text with the badge of colors at the bottom. If you cannot accomplish the move, innumerable YouTube clips may prove a useful guidance. Also, you can divide your story to be shown as a group of fancy slides that might as well attract more followers. Not to forget that you can turn the entire of your story into a bulk of monotonous color.

In addition, the Boomerang service has received applause from various Instagram enthusiasts. You’ve probably used Boomerang multiple times; all you have to do is to be a little more creative with it and experiment more with its forward and reverse features; doubtlessly Boomerang can add more excitement to your stories. But if you get too disturbed by any friend’s repetitive stories, you can as well mute them.

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And you can hide you stories from whoever you want; they won’t be able to view you story anymore. In the past few days, you must’ve heard of the upgrades that Instagram has decided to release; the ads via the popular app are going to be full-screen from now on. For various brands, having a full-time presence in on Instagram stories and the ad feature will maximize their benefits and help reach the right customer easily.

Hence, Instagram stories have fascinating facades for both different brands and different customers. All you have to do is practice how to use them right! Instagram, indeed, won’t definitely settle down with its current stories design, and it’ll keep feeding them new upgrades and smart twists. One precaution to keep in mind is that always pre-save your photo so you don’t risk losing it under any sudden circumstances.

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