Westpac now allows Customers to Make Payments from within Messaging Apps

Westpac Make Payments Messaging Apps

Are you a Westpac customer and love spending time using your social messaging apps? Now, you have a reason to rejoice! If you hated quitting your messaging apps to get back to the boring stuff related to personal finances then very soon your problem can be solved.

You will now be able to send and receive payments right from within your social messaging accounts in Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger.

How will that be possible?

Well, for all Westpac customers, the company will now provide a secure keyboard that will give you easy access to the existing apps of the bank. With these apps, users will be able to share their bank details with others and also make payments online without having to leave the messaging apps. The users will also be able to use the app to generate and send codes that will enable the receiver to withdraw the said amount of funds from the customer’s bank account using the ATM.

According to Travis Tyler, the consumer digital general manager at Westpac, to pay your friends and family members on your contacts list, you simply need to tap on the Westpac icon you see on the keyboard. This will enable you to pay with ease without having to leave the messaging app.

The unique six-digit code that is generated by the app will expire after being used once or within a period of 3 hours. To ensure security, this code can only be used at a Westpac-affiliated ATM.

Westpac mobile banking app

The Westpac mobile banking app is available for iPhone as well as Android phone users. The app allows you to take your bank with you wherever you go. Some of the key features of the app are easy sign-in using fingerprints on compatible phones, get access with a 4 digit passcode, view a snapshot of your banking transactions, send/ receive payments online, use cardless cash, transfer money, view reports and so on.

Westpac mobile banking app has recently joined hands with some of the top social messaging apps to give their customers a much better banking experience. If you wish to make payments using your Westpac account while chatting with your friend on Facebook, you don’t need to break your communication short or switch apps.

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Download WESTPAC app

The recent collaboration between these companies will now allow you to perform your banking transactions from within your Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger.  So, here’s a bank that really cares for its customers, what do you think?

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