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The Macbook pro is a 15 inches apple laptop that was released towards the end of 2016. However, it features great specs like the touch bar and a super slim, lighter design and much more, which makes it one of the best laptops in 2017. As we all know, Apple tries everything to bring out the best in every Laptop model it releases, which always feature greater specs than the previous edition so that it will boost the system performance and increase productivity.

This article is written to show you all the new features that are added in the new Macbook. These features are:


The Macbook Pro 2017 has an incredible design that makes it easy to carry about. With a weight of around 1.8kg and thickness of 15.5mm, the laptop can be easily carried about without weighing you down. Moreover, the laptop contains special features like the enhanced touchpad, which is bigger than the ones on the previous editions and it also features a force touch mode that can differentiate between an accidental touch and when you intentionally touch it.

Screen and Media

Apple has also improved on the display of Macbook pro-2017. Although the screens of the previous version are elegant and pleasing, you now have an enhanced color range for more vibrant pictures. Apple has also improved the brightness of the display by increasing the brightness to 500 nits more than the previous version, which makes it even usable under direct sunlight. With the new stereo speakers placed on the sides of the keyboard, you will be able to watch movies and listen to clear audio without been distracted by the environmental noise.

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The Macbook Pro now comes with 4 thunderbolt type-C USB ports, which is incredibly flexible and the latest type of USB port. However, for those who used the previous Macbook edition, this is a bad news because you are required to get an adapter before you will be able to use these new ports. The good news is that you will be able to attach any module (monitor, gamepad, mice and so on) to any of the port without being in need of any additional adapter. It is also a powered port, which means you will be able to charge any device and transfer data at a faster rate through those ports without any stress.


The new MacBook Pro has a 2.9GHz Intel core i7 processor with a 16GB of RAM for faster processing. However, you can run the high graphic software and powerful games on this laptop without running into problems. Amazingly, with all these features the Macbook Pro is engineered to run at a healthy condition with the fans preventing it from getting overheated.

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