Download Chomp SMS v7.18

Download Chomp SMS v7.18

ChompSMS is a simple, minimal and functional SMS replacement service for android only.It sends messages through your carriers network as SMS and can use its own network to send text messager to anyone you wants despite of whether they use ChompSMS for their own rate.

The service is ideal for pre-paid users or those who have carriers that make you pay for text messages. This platform has its own advantage and disadvantage for advantage is that you can send messages to antone despite what service they use while its disadvantage is that it cost money

Due to the new project Textra, chomp have been abandoned by its developers in favour of textra but both Chomp and textra are from same developer but they are very different app.

Tetra is more modern,support MMS and group messages and has the latest features however, textra is just a stand-in for your existing SMS interface through it sends messages via ones carriers traditional SMS and MMS channels. Get yours today and enjoy the benefit of texting on your smartphone.

ChompSMS v7.18

Download Chomp SMS

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