Whatsapp lets you Stream videos and watch a video while it is still being downloaded

WhatsApp stream video

I’m here with the news about the latest update of Whatsapp messenger and with this update, Whatsapp has taken things to whole other level. So what are these updates? Well, there are occasions we send a message which we do not intend to do and sometimes wish there was a way to retract it. While with Gmail, this feature has been active for years, it has been impossible with Whatsapp, but with the recent updates to their app, it is now possible to do same with Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has updated the app with an option to retract sent messages. With this feature, users can now retract sent messages before it gets either delivered or seen by the recipient. To retract the message, tap on the message this would open up a menu when it does you will have to select back quote option this retracts the message. This also works for pictures and videos that you accidentally sent.

App has also recently added a feature that lets you stream videos and watch a video while it is still being downloaded. To make your conversation secure, Whatsapp also introduced a two-factor authentication. Other features include the ability to share videos and pictures just to make conversations more engaging with the status tab, sharing of your live location with your family and friends in real-time. In the latest versions of Whatsapp, it’s now possible to add time and location stickers by tapping the smiley icon when editing a photo.

Whatsapp messenger has also added some features for the group chats, which include the addition of the ‘@’ button which lets you to quickly scroll to unread messages where you were replied to or mentioned. It is also now possible to add a description to a group so as to let your members know more about important rules, information, or the topic of the group and you can now search the list of group participants.  What do you think about this features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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