Google splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet

Google Hangout MEET CHAT

The messaging strategy of Google is quite confusing, however if there is one thing which is cleared after present Cloud Next keynote, then it is the announcement which company made on thinking over the concept of splitting the Hangout in two separate apps: Hangout Chats, which is obviously gunning for the Slack and Hangout Meet, which is just about the audio and video communications. These two are the basic enterprise counterparts of Duo and Allo.

The meet is now readily in use. Hangouts Chat will be available in Google’s early reach plan. The present Hangouts app has not flown away yet, but it may not last forever.

Hangouts Chat

The latest Hangout Chat is all about the chatting and messaging. His means that the app, which works for Android, iOS, and the web will provide chat rooms (yes, just like Slack).

It also offers the thread conversation, the thing which is a grail type in many chat apps and that’s what Slack lacks yet. These thread conversations are the main reason why Google is releasing the new Hangout app took a long time. As the owner of the company stated that Google had learned much from the Gmail threading mechanism, but it is also a very consistent tuning because every person is well-trained in the iMessage. This makes a lot of sense in the lightweight conversations, but when require being able to point in, it gets broken down.

Google is releasing a bot itself which makes it much easier to search for the meeting timings to show that how the coordination will look alike. Along with this, all of the new features of Hangout Chat got an advanced search system and ability to filter out the chats by types of file.

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Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet, which has made a short look in the Google Play Store during last month, is all about the meeting facilities. One of the largest things about the G Suite users related to hangout meetings is that how users spend a lot of time to get to the meetings. There is a large number of a supporter of the full-time meeting cycle from agenda description to the follow-ups. But the worth of meeting is destroyed by the time-to-start. It takes a long time to get this started.

Unamusingly, Meet has been trying to make its way to meeting as soon as possible. Perfectly, it will take just a click, and you will be in your meeting, on audio or video.

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