3 Messaging Apps that are more Secure than WhatsApp

WhatsApp security


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, and it has been adding some security features lately. The two-step verification allows users to verify their numbers using a six-digit code and this makes the process more secure. This helps in avoiding the duplication of user accounts on the app.

Although WhatsApp Messenger continues to ride with popularity, here are three other messaging apps that offer better security than WhatsApp:


Another free messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption for all complete encryption types of conversations is Signal. You may also use the app to set up chat groups that enable complete encryption. If you happen to communicate with your team regularly and share critical information then this app can come handy.


You can easily set up the app with your phone number, and no separate logins are needed. In most other types of messaging apps, encryption feature works only when the message recipient also uses the same app.

However, Signal is an app that can also be sent as standard text messages.

Download Signal Messenger


3 Messaging Apps that are more Secure than WhatsApp silence app 3

If you own an Android phone then you may use this app as a substitute of the default messaging app.

Download Silence Messenger

Silent Phone

3 Messaging Apps that are more Secure than WhatsApp silent phone app 5

So, if security is on your mind why not give Silent Phone a try.

Download Silent Phone Messenger

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