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So, if security is on your mind why not give Silent Phone a try. This messaging app is a secure service that helps to encrypt the video and voice calls. It allows secure file transfers and text message encryption. Another amazing feature is the ‘message burn functionality’ which is capable of deleting any selected messages that you might have sent. You just need to select the duration after which you want the messages to be deleted after sending and they will be deleted automatically.

When you make calls to any mobile number or landline, the end of conversation will be encrypted and this ensures that there’s no snooping. The file transfers using the Silent Phone app support various file formats that include mov, mp4, pdf, docx, png and jpg. It covers most of the files that commonly used and the ones including image formats.

Silent Phone for Smartphone

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Not Available for Windows Phone
Not Available for Blackberry
Not Available for Nokia Bada
Not Available for Fire Phone
Not Available for Firefox OS

Silent Phone for Tablet

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Download Silent Phone for iPAD

Not Available for Windows Phone tablet
Not Available for Blackberry tablet
Not Available for amazon tablet
Not Available for Firefox OS tablet

Silent Phone for Desktop

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