Wire Messenger App gets Video Calls and Message encryption

Wire app

Wire messaging app entered the competitive messaging app tussle for the past 15 months with an assurance of building a Skype for the present age – a pledge that gave valid credibility by Janus Friis, who happens to be Skype cofounder.

Wire fulfilled its promising recently by launching video calls and messaging encryption on its existing Wire app and it is available for desktop, iOS and Android. On the other hand, Wire has introduced back-to-back encryption for messaging, which is a feature that has been available on voice calls since Wire messaging app was launched in 2014.

Private conversations

These privacy features will keep personal or private conversations on Wire out of the increasing online data economy, where private user data is collected to build profiles and target Wire with advertising.

Despite the fact that Wire is conflicting against incumbents including WhatsApp and  Facebook’s Messenger services that boast roughly two billion monthly active users (MAUs) amid the two of them , Wire has always pitched itself on the experience — easy, stunning discussions and high-fidelity calls is what Wire wants to be acknowledged for.

Wire claims some noteworthy heads, such as technology and product leaders from Microsoft, Nokia, Apple, and other companies you have perhaps heard of.

Video calls have been a long time dream for Wire messaging app that is aiming to be the best messaging app in the world from right from its beginning. Without a doubt, Skype has provided video calls on mobile for a while now, and just of recent it extended this offering to group video calls.

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Duric of Wire said that achieving privacy without complexity is the reason for this update to Wire messaging app. Wire makes use of high-tech, open source encryption that is always available, for all discussions. This is due to the fact that Wire is only one of its kinds in the industry with ever-on encryption for all tête-à-tête content, in one-on-one or groups, with synchronized support for numerous devices.

With all the available messaging apps coming together to provide similar features— encryption, video, emojis, stickers, text, and voice — experience and design remains one of the key differentiators. This is all well and good. However, drawing in customers over from established services is rather not an easy task: You may love Wire messaging app, but you will likely stick with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, if your friends are not using it.

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