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Google Now Launcher is one of the brand’s most recent releases, and you will certainly be forgiven if you are unaware of its features. Since, this short write up gives a quick insight into the App and its enticing qualities. Experts consider Google Now Launcher as the future of Android. Though the mobile application is quite cracky; it showcases lots of scope for improvement.

What is Google Now Launcher App?

As suggested by its name, the Google App Launcher will give you an entry to the phone. It is responsible for the home screen and its characteristic traits. To be more precise, it does most of the behind-the-scene act in android mobiles. Essential features like the phone’s layout and frequently used bits in the OS are managed by the Google App Launcher. This gives an utmost level of importance to the application.

A Common Question

Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to note that the app differs drastically between platforms. For example, Vanilla (from Google) comprises of a “Stock” launcher; whereas “Samsung” and “Sony” tend to stick onto conventional skins! Thanks to the mighty “Play Store”, you can shift between launchers easily. With all this being said, what does Google App Launcher have for you? Read on, to find a discreet answer to this question.

Feature #1 – A Personalized Interface

Firstly, the application will help you frame a personalized interface. The launcher will help you swipe across screens, navigate through menus and pull up services in an effortless manner. Personalized information can be accessed in the form of colorful cards. Usually, these cards would pop up directly from the notification tray.

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Feature #2 – Voice Commands

The all-new Google App Launcher is meant for all devices that work with Jelly Bean or newer operating systems. And, this application is loaded with many fancy (yet key) features. The list begins with a simpler home screen that is loaded with the right kind and amount of information. Secondly, it comprises of “Ok Google” that can be triggered using voice commands. Conversely, you can direct your phone to play a song, run a search query or send text messages using voice inputs. This makes searches faster and easier.

Feature #3 – Better Accessibility

Moving on, Google App Launcher will give you quicker access to Google products like G-Maps, Gmail and YouTube! Additionally, the new launcher offers larger viewing area, where you can navigate, expand and customize apps in just few clicks.

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