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In this busy world, everyone loves and lives with interesting mobile applications. Conversely, you don’t require top-notch technical skills to build intuitive apps. Amazing tools like “Glide” will help you create breathtaking, functional apps with a professional finish. Glide will do almost everything for you. From placing texts to positioning images to organizing folders, the application will remove a massive burden from your shoulders. For example, even when you remove or add new content into your app, Glide will do all the required changes automatically. This makes “Glide” an award winning app that gives novice developers a kick start into the industry.

A Brand New Feature – “Glide Live Video Messaging”

A new inclusion into Glide’s hefty range of features would be “Glide Live Video Messaging”. As suggested by its name, you can send and receive multimedia messages in an effortless manner. An interesting trait that gives this app an edge over conventional messaging tools would be its “No Storage Policy”. Regardless of what you send, the app will not take any space in your Android phone/tablet.

Glide Live Video Messaging is an effortless way of staying connected. The application guarantees an amazing response time! Thus, watching, downloading and streaming videos will become much more convenient (like never before).

HD Videos with Glide App

Moving on, you can capture high definition videos and send as many people as you want. These videos should be within 5-minutes. According to fervent users, this is the only restriction in this application. Luckily, these videos would not occupy any space in your phone! Moreover, videos captured (and shared) by this app will abridge the gap in your long-distance relationship.

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Continuous Video Play

Glide has many enticing features, and here is a quick glance through key features in this application. Firstly, the app is extremely user friendly. You can capture, share and delete video messages in just few clicks of a button. There are plenty of tabs, which will let you discover and chat with friends. “Continuous Video Play” is an important feature in Glide. The option streams videos one-after-the-other automatically. Even if videos are spaced between texts, this feature is capable of playing them in a queue.

Connecting Offline!

Moving on, Glide will let you record amazing videos even when you are offline. These videos can be watched live or later. Conversely, you can share these videos with a single friend or up to a group of 50. On the whole Glide is an amazing app for socializing! It will let you connect and stay connected with wonderful multimedia content.

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