Facebook launches Facebook Lite App for low bandwidth Android phones

facebook lite app

For countries and many people who do not have access to large bandwidth it’s always difficult to split your small Mbs into various apps on your phone resulting in rare use of some apps that are considered to drain Mbs from your phone. Facebook has realized the fact that not all countries or persons can afford high bandwidth to keep up with the bulky Facebook app available on Android and hence they have developed a more data friendly version of their app.

The Facebook lite app is a small tiny app of less than 1mb and uses significantly lesser data than the bulky Facebook app. Its size makes it useable on almost all phones regardless the network. It can work well with edge networks and places with unstable connections.

The beauty of Facebook lite is that is comes with all the perks of the bulky app but on a smaller and cheaper budget. This is super convenient for those without means of acquiring huge data plans for their day to day use as it uses very little data that’s less than half of what the original Facebook for android uses.

Aside from data use Facebook lite is a superb phone as it consumes significantly lesser ram space than the Facebook App for android. This gives it the ability to fully function well on almost all android devices and superbly convenient for low end android phones.

With Facebook lite it’s hard to encounter crashing problems while using the application. This is because of the lesser ram consumption. This results to smooth usage of the app.

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Facebook lite is proven to load posts at an astonishing speed while on a 3G network and at a significantly higher speed of up to 50% faster while on a 2G network. This shows that you are guaranteed faster better use of the app while using Facebook lite despite the strength of your network.

At the end of the day, Facebook lite is simply the way to go as it is Facebook Lite is The Original App But With Great Difference Over The Full Facebook App Version In Terms Of Ram Consumption, Memory Usage, Crashes And Most Important is Having A Vast Majority Of Supported Android device .

So if you have an older version smartphone or you want to consume lesser data bundles try facebook lite and experience its perks first hand.

Download Facebook Messenger App here https://www.downloadmessenger.org/download-facebook-messenger

Download Facebook Lite App here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.lite

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