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Periscope app

Twitter just like Facebook have tried to diversify the services they offer in order for them to remain competitive. As a result of trying to diversify their services they end up developing applications. One such application that has been developed by Twitter is Periscope. It was first launched a few months ago but then it was only compatible with iOS devices. Now Twitter have released a version for Android. Periscope is an application that allows its users to share live streams. Within 10 days after it was released it already had over 1 million users proving that it is a hit and certifies a certain need that its users crave for.

Periscope: the Live-Streaming App

For you to have an easy time using Periscope it is advisable to have a Twitter account so that Periscope can be able to pull certain information like your followers from there. When you open Periscope after installing and connecting it to your Twitter Account it reveals current broadcasts and those that have recently been posted. If you are opening it for the first time, it gives you the option of following all the people you follow on Twitter. At times you might find there is no current broadcast so if you want to view live streams from all over the world you swipe right and you are taken to another screen. At first when you begin a live stream, it is set in the default mode, that is, it is public and can be viewed by anyone that is following you. However if you choose not to post to your Twitter account, you can establish a private link and send it to the people you want to see it. Apart from the second screen that shows broadcasts from all over the world there is a third screen that shows broadcasts from the most popular people on the application. Their popularity is selected based on the number of hearts they have received. A heart is sent by tapping on the broadcast. You can also access your profile on this screen. It is also possible to search for people by their name on this third screen. There are slight differences between the Android version of periscope and the iOS version. One difference is how you initiate a broadcast. In the iOS you use the central tab while in the Android version you tap on the red button that is usually on the screen. There are also features that are specific to the Android version. These includes more granular push notifications. If for whatever reason you leave the app while a broadcast is still playing, a banner is placed in the notifications center and you can return to your broadcast using it.

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In conclusion if you are a fan of live streams, this is the app for you but if you prefer chatting through messages then it is advisable you use other applications.

Download Periscope app for Android here:

Download Periscope app for iOS here:


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