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The iPhone X launch comes an entire decade after the original iPhone was release. Thus the name. There are some things about the iPhone X that are very similar to that first iPhone from all those years ago. First, it is priced higher than most are willing to pay, second, the availability will be constrained in that it is difficult to manufacture, and third, it will be more of an owner’s status symbol than anything else will.

The purchase of the iPhone X appears to signal well in addition to being a testament to their appreciation of sticking with only Apple products. It is suspected that most people will want it just because of the limited availability and the elusive exclusivity of the device itself.

Back when Apple introduced the iPhone, it was in stark contrast to other phones of the day. 2007 saw Nokia and Blackberry battling it out, Nokia with their T9 keypads, while Blackberry had the full QWERTY keyboard.

These days however, breaking away from the norm is just too hard to do. As fast as the market moves, leaks are constant and the designs of smartphones all over the world are simply too far beyond revolutionary change to see anything new. Apple seems to have the goal of telling everyone else where they plan to go.

The most obvious change at this point is the removal of bezels from both above the iPhone X screen as well as below it. It seems like it was only a cosmetic decision by Apple, but it also takes away the iPhone Touch ID. However, it is not likely that Apple will need such things as a home button or fingerprint sensors. New biometric ID forms such as facial recognition, while less proven, seem to be where Apple is moving.

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With prices anticipated to skirt the $1000 mark, the iPhone X is supposedly in a new class of design. While not unfamiliar as a tactic for this company, iPhone X may lack the influence and social significance to see a great deal of success. However, that is still left to be seen.

However, there is still the exclusivity of the iPhone X for regular Apple customers. As it was with the iPhone original, simply having one will be quite the feat. They are limited in number and some retail units may not even arrive as soon as expected. Pre-launch as already shown an expected extended delay following the official Apple announcement.

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