Android vs iPhone – Choice of Smartphone Reveals your Personality Traits

android iphone Personality Traits

Whether we are at the bar or a restaurant with friends, a lot of us have Smartphones that we always attach to the hip. When looking at both Android and iPhone, the truth is that your choice of Smartphone is what reveals your personality traits.

Smartphone preference is the most fundamental level of Smartphone personalization, and this ca n even tell us a lot about the person using the phone. Despite the fact that Android users seems to have greater levels of humility and honesty, candidness and geniality personality traits, they are still seen as less extroverted than those who use iPhone.

As humility and honesty were discovered in greater amounts in Android users, these personality typecasts manifested themselves in real life. On the other hand, women are more likely to have an iPhone than an Android phone, even as the Apple users are of the belief that it is more significant to own a high status phone.

These Smartphone brands are fast turning to be diminutive conservatory of ourselves and portray our personality to others.

In this new dispensation, it is becoming more and more obvious that Smartphones are turning to a small digital version of the user, and when other people use our phones, a good number of us don’t like it of us don’t like it for the reason that it can disclose so much about us.

In the same way, our Smartphone can expose a lot with reference to our dating personality. iPhone users are acknowledged as the office idealistic, somewhere iPhone aficionados are the most probable to date somebody in their workplace. In the last five years, virtually one quarter of iPhone singles have engaged in an office romance.

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In the meantime, Android users are identified as the seducers, as they are most possible to engage in sex on a first date. A total of 62 percent of Android singles declared that after the first date, they have done the deed, unlike 57 percent of iPhone users. In addition, they are 72 percent more liable to visit an online dating site, as against 58 percent of iPhone users.

Envision if we further investigated how personality traits relate to the applications downloaded by people. There will soon be an app for that.

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