Samsung Galaxy X will be the most Innovative Smartphone in 2017

new samsung galaxy X


Samsung Galaxy X smartphone promises to be truly the most innovative mobile gadget coming in 2017. And that’s not something anybody can argue with! Developers have already tried to do anything possible and impossible, in order to entice customers into the store for the next new product, but in fact everything new was offered 2-3 years ago, and since then little has changed.

What do they offer clients? Another slightly more powerful (10-20 percent) processor, a slightly larger screen (although, how much else can a phone grow beyond 6-inch “phablets”?), another new LTE range (although older operators are not fully implemented yet). Or doubtful “innovations” such as a non-removable battery, expanding memory with the help of  MicroSD cards and a chase for the title of “the thinnest smartphone” (which leads to the decrease in battery capacity and, naturally, the operating time). Sometimes it comes at all to the absurd.

Experimental flexible matrix Samsung

So, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X opens the era of real innovations in the mobile market. There were rumors about flexible screens already several years ago, manufacturers showed prototypes that never went to series, but finally Samsung wants to take the plunge. Galaxy X smartphone from the Korean company will get not just a flexible screen – it will fold as a book. It will be both a smartphone – in the folded state, and a tablet – unfolded. There will be no need to carry two gadgets, which together take too much space. Currently, Samsung is working on a new flexible sensor with a resolution of 4K UltraHD, which is designed for Galaxy X, and the project for developing a new smartphone has a codename Project Valley or Project V.

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In general, the work on the creation of Samsung Galaxy X has been going on for several years, but this time the process comes to an end, and the new product will be presented in this 2017. Externally, the device looks like a classic smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.1 inches and QHD resolution, but it’s only worth to unfold it …

Release Date Samsung Galaxy X

The exact date of Galaxy X release wasn’t reported by the representatives of the Korean giant yet, but it is unlikely that the new product will be presented in spring, because at this time, Samsung will promote the Galaxy S8, maybe closer to the fall – very likely. Due to the fact that Apple Inc. postpones its revolution innovations right up to 2018, Samsung has the potential to open a new mobile era already in this year.

Specifications Galaxy X

In addition to having two screens – external with a resolution of QHD and internal 4K UltraHD, there is little known about the new smartphone. So we all need to wait a while – till the situation around the Galaxy X release will become more or less clear.

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