Best 4 VR Virtual Reality Apps for your Smartphones


Now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for getting an experience of virtual reality on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets. The Android or iPhone based headsets are all the time with you which can now serve as a VR device in their very own way, particularly when they are paired up with the sub-Google cardboard headset which utilizes the smartphone as its display screen and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

If you want to get VR on your smartphone, below are the top apps mentioned which offer the best experience. They are the simple and regular apps which need only a Samsung geared Virtual Reality mobile set.  It must be noted here that currently launched VR apps for both iOS and Android are not included in any roundup because of their fairness, however they worth a great.

Let’s have a quick look on some of the best VR apps available for the smartphones

  1. YouTube

This app is an obvious one which offers a very keen platform for launching or updating various videos and virtual reality, so there is this rapid growth in the catalog of the videos which are watched on this app, and they range widely starting from the wildlife to the music and much more. This app is free to use and works for both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Google cardboard

One of the foremost things to be downloaded with the Google Cardboard headset is its app Google cardboard. This app serves as an introduction to everything which is available. It provides a list of the other cardboard-compatible apps which can be used with the headset.

  1. VRSE
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There is a large number of documentary makers out there who find it exciting to use the Virtual Reality services to make us feel the reality of their videos. VRSE is the remarkable platform to start with; it has got the music videos and all type of fun clips. However, it involves serious video searching out there.

  1. NYT VR

Similar to the Guardian and other firms such as RYOT and VRSE, the New York Times is having an experience of integrating the virtual reality for making their new formats for news. This app works like a showcase for making the VR reports while taking you to the depths of seas to the surface of the mighty sun via the spire of World Trade Centre.

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