Computex 2017 event: Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, MSI, Samsung


Yes you may have heard the rumor and might be very eager to know what Computex is all about. Well, Computex has really kicked off in Taipei and also at Android authority. Computex is one of the largest computer and technology tradeshows in the entire world. It was established in the year 1981 and its hot spot is Taiwan where it features product presentations and announcements from all the famous technology brands.

Computex 2017 was set to offer a peek at the future of devices like AR, AI, VR and IoT and this is great news to all android users. Computex 2017 took place between 30th May and June 3rd where all its doors were open to all media companies.

Taiwanese company ASUS was not left behind as they very keen to take up all the attention on home ground. They launched a couple of products like:

  • The Zenbook 3 Deluxe
  • Zenbook pro
  • Zenbook Flip S
  • The VivoBook S
  • VivoBook Pro.

All of which the products named above are Window-compatible machines. They also informally launched a new smartphone the going by the name Zenfone AR ZS571. This smartphone has a 5.7 inch screen, a Tango-enabled device accompanied by a Snapdragon 821 processor and an exceptional 8GB RAM. This device will however be formally launched in a few weeks’ time.

Here’s what you missed from the Computex 2017 event:

  1. Computex 2017 also saw announcements from Qualcomm, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA which gave people a lot to talk about. Intel was said to have a Core i9 chip in its market which most people around the world have been waiting to hear. AMD was not also left behind with their new Ryzen 9 processors.
  2. One of the things that caught up people’s attention was the MSI new gaming gear. It included a Vigor GK80 mechanical keyboard, an immerse GH70 gaming handset and most importantly the Clutch GM70 mouse.
  3. Logitech wasn’t left behind with their awaited MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S mice. Not only did the peripherals add a much longer battery life but they also included a much greater tracking accuracy.
  4. Samsung Company shocked the mass with their new Samsung Notebook 9 pro that is available in both 13” and 15”models. This laptop can be flipped around and with a new and much better S pen that does not need charging.
  5. Cooler Master was also in the game with anew mechanical keyboard consisting of its own processor. This keyboard also has a pair of mice, fresh PC cases and gaming set.
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Computex 2017 was one of a kind and if you need to see the best technology in the world this is the place to be. Make sure that you do not miss out on the next one.

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