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This article gives an overview of the clean master software for Androids, tablets and smartphones. Clean Master IOS it’s a simple and fantastic tool to save space on an iDevice. It’s a simple tool for interested users. They ought to review their photo gallery and find out duplicate photos that waste space in the device memory.

It also organize a collection of similar photos and clean them in a second. It’s ad-free and indeed super easy to use. It’s an essential tool for those whose devices display the following challenges.

  • A device that has become buggy, and also switch off anytime.
  • Insufficient space for more pictures in the device memory
  • A battery that is draining abnormally
  • A device that overheats and calls for a cool-down
  • Difficulty in locking photos, gallery and messages from strangers.

The following are the key features of this app.

  • It has a quick photo analysis, it quickly finds duplicate photos from all albums in the device.
  • It rapidly delete similar photos, it shows all the related pics, and you choose the ones to delete. It, therefore, becomes hard to lose valuable pictures.
  • It deletes all screenshots in a single tap, it Identify and deletes all screenshots taken on the device in a flash


What’s New in Version 1.2?

The following are the extra features loaded in the new version namely;

  • Quick selection of photos
  • An optimized photo finding algorithm
  • Fix bugs

Customer Reviews

Most people in the population of consumers who were interviewed said that the app worked exactly as it was expected. It does a good job of turning off all pesky programs are running in the background. They said that they were able to identify similar snapshots and delete them with a single tap. However, the app received negative reviews from some customers who were not satisfied with how the app performed.

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Some customers reported that the app promises more memory, smoother functions, and simple user interfaces in the beginning, and it later start getting awkward. Most of them complained that when they downloaded the app their original photo app failed to function anymore. Other process linked to the app drained the battery abnormally. Because the app aimed at killing background running programs, some of their phone conversation were completely cut-off. Furthermore, this application usually puts ads on the top status bar that need to be cleared daily

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