How to Use Ninja SMS and Chat Heads

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The Chat Heads feature is what makes Ninja SMS appealing. It can also be successfully argued that Ninja SMS actually deals with Chat Heads in an improved manner than Facebook Messenger.

Chat Heads

You can choose the contacts that will appear as Chat Heads on Ninja SMS and this is one of the best things about Chat Heads of Ninja SMS. That way, just your vital text messages will become visible as Chat Heads.

You can also enable the Chat Heads feature for all your contacts, if you feel like doing so.

Ninja SMS gives some specific settings like the encrypted messaging, custom notifications and Chat Head shape.

On the other hand, there is an Advanced Settings Menu, where it is possible for you to access the normal settings related to notifications, MMS and SMS.

You can as well get the entire Ninja SMS settings like fonts, transparency levels, themes and Chat Heads shapes tweaked.

There is even an option to have Ninja SMS wake up your screen every time you receive an SMS.

Have you been looking for Chat Heads for SMS all these while? Then, Ninja SMS is definitely the best messaging app for you.

It provides other features, even if you are not all that keen about Chat Heads. The clean, minimalist interface of Ninja SMS makes it an SMS app that is worth trying out.

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