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There are many chat applications available that cover almost any conceivable niche you can ever think of. Nevertheless, none of these chat apps have ever focused on local, off the grid communication.

This type of application will allow you chat with people who are very close to you at concerts, sports events and other places without you having to declare your identity and without you having to be on similar Wi-Fi network. Firechat is available to carry out this function.

Offline chatting

Hence, Firechat is a mysterious and an offline chat app that runs on both iOS and Android.

It is constructed on the mesh work technology of the developers and iOS 7 Multi-peer Connectivity Framework, allowing you chat with users that are near you without using any Internet connection.

You can get Firechat for iOS and Android as mentioned earlier, but it is noteworthy that it needs iOS7 and above to function effectively.

Moreover, Firechat should work on most Android devices that are less than 2 years old without any issues.


Download the Firechat app and install it, then sign in by supplying the username you preferred.

No additional information is required.

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