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As far as Android and iOS video calling apps go, Google Duo is a very simple one. Its primary function revolves around simplicity. With no separate accounts to create, you will be happy to note that you will not have to build contact list from scratch. Duo will simply use the contacts already listed in your mobile phone to populate a list of contacts within the app. All you need to do then to start a video call is simply click.

One of the features of Duo is known as the “Knock Knock” feature. This allows you to see video live of your video caller before they ever actually pick up. You will be able to quickly gauge where they are and what they are doing at the very moment of the call.

One of the most appreciated features is Duo’s ability to switch seamlessly between WiFi and mobile data, as necessary. After making the switch, the app then adjusts the resolution automatically in order to match the bandwidth it is linked to.

While Google was busy with feature-rich content, they did not neglect the more important aspects of building a new app. End-to-end encryption means that hackers have less of a chance of attacking you, even if you are linked to an insecure WiFi hotspot.

Version 10.0 of Google’s Duo makes audio calls now possible. It also fixes several bugs that have needed addressing as well as other product improvements that needed to be made.

Audio calling became available in March 2017 and, at the time of its inception, was only available in Brazil. Now, however, that feature is up and live for all of its users, all over the world. The primary announcement was made on Twitter by Google’s technical lead for Duo.

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While users can certainly appreciate the calling features, both audio and video, of Duo’s new upgrades, it is uncertain to many why Duo and Allo have been kept as separate entities. If the idea was to come alongside apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it would surely have made sense to use one central app for communication that included audio calling, video calling and text communication, all in the same place.

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With the many strategies that Google has come up with in regards to messaging, of all types, it often seems as though the company is grasping at straws just to see if anything is going to stick.

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