Facebook, Google, Twitter, warned for EU consumer rights

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The giant social media platforms of US were given the warning about the consumer rights which they were running out of the patience with the failure for complying the state’s standard of consumer rights protection.

As the commissioner, Vera Jourova told a press conference in Brussels that she had got quite impatient. There are some terms and conditions for the US companies which lead to few unfavorable situations for the EU customers. Also, if the desire to create the bigger business while harvesting the benefit of the operations within the European market, the need to be compliant with these customer’s protection rules and standards.

The EU regulators started investigating the complaints regarding the unfair terms existing for the platforms being operated by Facebook, Google, and Twitter since 2016.

During March, the national and commissioner protection rules gave three big tech companies 30 days for fixing the issues which were identified – including the problems like the deprivation of customers of the rights for taking the companies to the courts in the state and needing the users waive obligatory rules like the right of withdrawing from the online deals.

Yesterday, Reuters stated that the regulatory stress is presently being cranked up on these companies after the proposals submitted by them so far have not considered enough for bringing them to the compliance. The commission asked for the changed proposals to be submitted by July 20, and get implemented by September.

According to Jourova, the deadline of September will be the final chance for these companies for satisfying the EU regulators – or facing the enforcement act from the state’s customer protection rule. This may include few fines too. What authorities want these companies to do is that they make their terms to be fully in compliance with the high standards of the European customer protection. This is the reason that these companies are asked for the strong proposals, and the deadline was set, and everybody is waiting for their final answer.

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In the case, if this thing does not work out well, it will be needed to keep the national enforcers for launching the co-ordinated acts. According to the Facebook spokesman, the company believes that it does comply the EU laws already, though it also identifies the requirement of improving the T&C for making them easier to be understood, including that it is operating for assuaging the concerns of regulators.

A Facebook spokesperson told us it believes it does already comply with EU law though also recognizes the need to improve its T&Cs to make them easier to understand, adding that it is working to assuage regulators’ concerns.

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