5 Popular Mobile Messaging Apps in Africa

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Mobile messaging apps have simplified communication with more and more people being able to connect across different parts of Africa. Here are top 5 popular mobile messaging apps in Africa: WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook and Mxit.

  1. WhatsApp

One of the most popular messaging apps in Africa is WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for a record $19 billion. This is a cross-platform subscription service for smart phones and selected feature phones that uses the internet for communication. Apart from sending text messages, users can also send images, videos and audio messages to each other. Users can also send their location by using mapping features.

  1. Skype

Skype is an app that allows you to make phone calls or video calls, send messages and share with other users. You can also send video messages and voice messages. The app also allows instant messaging and you can talk with your friends, gossip away, plan a trip or work on a project, all in an instant.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is another popular app that allows users to send photo messages to each other. Apart from taking photos, users can record videos and add text or drawings to their multimedia messages. Photos and videos sent through the app are known as “snaps” and one can view these snaps for a limited time only.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and its own mobile messaging app is also pretty cool. One of the popular features of the app is “chat heads”, which allows users to chat while they’re using other applications. This is a convenient app because users just need their Facebook accounts to use it. Other features include text, voice, stickers, photos and location sharing.

  1. Mxit
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Mxit is a free mobile social network and users can enjoy a rich chat and social networking experience. The app comes with innovative features like newsfeed and chat cards, which makes the chat experience fun and exciting. You can update your status on the newsfeed and track your friends’ statuses and activities. You can create groups and chat with as many as fifty friends simultaneously.

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