The Best App to Replace Facebook App



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The Best App to Replace Facebook App

friendly for facebook app

Most of us have been trying to find a better alternative for Facebook and have ended up on apps with limited features. Today, I’m going to talk about the best alternative app for Facebook with more features than the Facebook

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What’s Happening in the World of Facebook Messenger Lite?

Facebook Messenger Lite world

Yet another headline has been made this week as two users of apps belonging to Facebook claim that their data and calling information were collected without their own consent for such matters. A complaint was filed in a California Court

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Facebook Messenger Broadcasting Tool

Facebook Messenger Broadcasting

Facebook has now become such a common household name that many people get all their news from it. You can find instant weather updates, news reports, obituaries, school announcement and so much more. In fact, thanks to Facebook messenger, many

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Empowering Facebook Admins

Facebook Admins GROUP CHAT

Amongst all the struggles and debates Facebook is facing currently regarding privacy settings and informing the users with the reality behind tracking down their messages and call logs, Facebook is definitely not planning to hinder the development of its messengers.

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Facebook Messenger fixes its freezing IOS bug

Facebook Messenger on IPhone

If you own an IPhone and use Facebook Messenger at the same time, you will have to update your version of the messaging app immediately. A new update has been released by Facebook for the messaging app’s IOS version especially

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Download Messenger Kids app today for iPhone and iPad

messenger kids app

Facebook has created a Messenger app just for kids. Facebook has declared that it is going to launch a messaging app that will be just for the kids. Facebook confirmed that the era of tin cans with the strings and walkie-talkies

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How Facebook Can Defeat VK Chat App in Russian Hands Down Revealed!

Facebook vk chat

VK Chat App formerly referred to as VKontakle provides users with features like those on Facebook and it is one of the largest social networks in Russia with more than 100 million users. Depending on the data, VK is one

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How does Facebook fake news checking tool work?

download facebook messenger free

During the last US presidential campaign, it was recorded that a large amount of fake information about President Donald Trump and the Republican presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton were spread on Facebook and Google.

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New Ad Format of Facebook will help the E-Commerce market


Facebook introduced a new video ad format which will help E-commerce market to increase its sales. Finally, Facebook launched the new ad format “Collection”. In this Format, the top half part of the ad will cover with video and below to

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