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Most of us have been trying to find a better alternative for Facebook and have ended up on apps with limited features. Today, I’m going to talk about the best alternative app for Facebook with more features than the Facebook app itself. So, let’s get started. Facebook’s app sucks up a ton of battery power and data.

I have tried many alternatives for Facebook, like my Facebook team, foil for Facebook, they all don’t have push notifications for messages which is like a must-have and they show up ads. If you’re regularly unhappy with a Facebook app on your phone and with the Facebook web and other third-party Facebook apps, then I can suggest you a better and more functional app for Facebook than the Facebook app itself. It’s called friendly for Facebook. This app is a complete replacement for Facebook and FB messenger as it will help to conserve your data and battery.

With the Friendly app, it is possible to set a filter so you won’t see posts that are not relevant to you, likewise, it is also possible to set preferences of what you would like to see more in your news feed. Instead of using Facebook’s less than a perfect algorithm, why not switch to the Friendly app. The Friendly for Facebook app gives you absolute control of your newsfeed. You can also quickly switch between multiple FB accounts.

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This is a unique feature of this app. It also comes with beautiful material themes and even has a night mode. If you are looking for a replacement for Facebook App, Friendly for Facebook is the best one out there and you must definitely try this app.

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