New Google Play Store Update on Android devices



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New Google Play Store Update on Android devices

google play store updated

What are the developments that Google play store can boast of recently? Well, I guess it has something new for those who have Android devices with them! The new message Google play carry with it is the change of its

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The Best App to Replace Facebook App

friendly for facebook app

Most of us have been trying to find a better alternative for Facebook and have ended up on apps with limited features. Today, I’m going to talk about the best alternative app for Facebook with more features than the Facebook

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Kik Messenger has recently released its APK update for 2018

Kik Messenger apk download

Kik has been the choice of many users when it came to instant messaging and video calling and all other functions one can ask for in a social media chatting app. The ease of its registration process since it does

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WeChat Horrible translation causes a crisis

wechat fashion brands

Anne James, an African American theater actor and director who lives in Shanghai and uses the popular Chinese messaging app “WeChat”, was the one to notice the racial translation made by the app when she was running late for a

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Download Pokemon Go and Choose your PokemonGo Team

pokemon go

Pokemon Go game has already become one of the most popular games on the global level. The game stands out with special actions you need to undertake in order to capture more Pokemons. It makes the game really interesting as

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Major Telegram Update Launched for Ubuntu Smartphones

telegram     app

There had been major Telegram update launched for Ubuntu phones in view of the fact that the Touch users of Ubuntu were requesting for an update for this particular messaging app on their phones. With the newest Telegram update that

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Get latest Android Clipchat 1.5.1 apk and iPhone Clipchat 2.0 app

clipchat app apk

The ClipChat is the most recent social network app with a ground-breaking way of making users share videos and photos with their Android Smartphone (version 1.5.1) or iPhone version 2.0) . With ClipChat app, users can send videos and photos of about 5

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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