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Pokemon Go game has already become one of the most popular games on the global level. The game stands out with special actions you need to undertake in order to capture more Pokemons. It makes the game really interesting as well as many challenges you can meet. The other significant thing you need to do is joining a specific group if you acquired appropriate power.

In the beginning, you will need to stay patient as a lot of features will not be available until you reach the fifth level. By accomplishing it, you will be asked to join the particular team and many other features will come up. The teams you can join are Team Mystic, Team Valor or Team Instinct. The player enters the gym and meets professor Willow who asks you to take part in the team. After choosing the right team you are a member of it and all the future fights are on the behalf of the team. That‘s why you should make the choice about the team after professor introduces assistants. Moreover, when you opt for the specific group there is no possibility for change, so make sure you choose cleverly.

If you don‘t know how to pick out the team, we have some advice for you. The first option is the Instinct team where you need to be developed intuition and smartness. This team is yellow and has Spark as a leader creature. We would recommend it if you are completely sure in your mind and observing skills.

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On the other hand, many would choose The Mystic team which is completely blue and cool looking. By choosing this team you can be little afraid, but it is a perfect option for calm and stable players. At last, you can choose the red team Valor where Candela has the main role. This team promotes strength and power, becoming the perfect option for those working hard to achieve their goals.

The interesting thing about Pokemon Go team is players‘ dedication to the group. Once you make a choice as a player, you will be more motivated to fight for the team and will find yourself more immersed in the game. We recommend you to start now with Pokemon Go, choose the right game and fight for the principles as never before.

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