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Let is talk about Huawei tablets. Made by Chinese multinational company Huawei technologies Co. Ltd. , the company, founded in 1987 by RenZhengfei, is reputed to be the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world. Initially, the company concentrated on the creation of phone switches but now creates telecommunication networks and communications devices.

The company which has over 21 R&D institutes in many countries is always researching in creating quality devices including smartphones. Smartphones are mobile phones which have the ability to run advanced operating systems and have the capability of some other mobile devices such as GPS navigations, media player and personal digital assistant. They also come with a lot of other features such as ability to browse the Internet, mobile payment and motion sensors. Smartphones have continued to gain prominence and patronage all over the world as over 1.2 billion smartphones was sold worldwide in 2014. Smartphones which initially ran on Java and Symbian operating system now majorly run on android operating systems.

Other common operating systems for smartphones include Blackberry operating system, windows operating system and iphone operating system (IOS). Other smartphone operating system includes Firefox operating system, sailfish operating system, tizen operating system, Ubuntu touch operating system, palm operating system and bada operating system. Most smartphones also come with application stores where users can download free software for their smartphone or purchase paid applications. It is also possible to download smartphone software from a lot of websites on the Internet.

Tablets are smartphones which have a larger screen than normal mobile phones. While most mobile phones have a screen size of 5.5 inches and less, most tablets come with screen size of 7 inches and above. In terms of functionality however, the tablet smartphones however offer the same functionality with other mobile smartphones with smaller screen size as smaller smartphones are more powerful than some tablet smartphones and vice versa based on its specifications which basically depend on the RAM size, screen resolution, battery strength, camera megapixels and internal memory amongst others.

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Tablet models by Huawei:

MediaPad X2 : tablet with 5000 mAh battery, 13MP/5MP rear/front camera.

MediaPad X1 : tablet 7.0 with 5000 mAh battery, 13MP/5MP rear/front camera.

MediaPad T1 : tablet 8.0 with vibrant colors display and stunning design.

MeidaPad M1 : tablet 8.0 with Stereo wide sound, 4G LTE and 8” IPS HD screen.

MediaPad10 Link+ with 10”IPS HD screen, great performance and affordable price.

Some other tablets are: MediaPad 7 Youth2, MediaPad 7 Vogue, MediaPad 7 Youth and MediaPad 10 FHD.

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