Gesture controls and how to use them in Cyanogen OS

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The cyanogen gestures is a technological principle that applies to smartphones and other Android devices. The approach speculates that it is not a must for a smartphone device screens to be on to be able to operate it. Instead, there are new technologies that help the user work their phones while their screens are off. These smart ideas help users access certain locations of their devices quickly. For instance, a person can be able to navigate to the camera app without using so much energy and time as compared to other phone features.

Some of the features found in the modern phones that reinforce this idea includes LG phones double volume button and double home button tap found in Samsung devices. Another feature is the one found in Motorola devices namely double screwdriver twist button. The above features aid the in launching and access the camera in their devices as fast as possible.  It helps save time that a person uses in unlocking their screen locks hence promote instant photo snap by the users.

How they work

The above phone feature usually works well in devices with Cyanogen operation system (OS) or those devices running Cyanogen Mod on the supported phones. It is unfortunate that many phone companies stopped manufacturing devices bearing these features. But all regards should go to gesture systems for coming up with an android version with these magnificent features. To maximize the usability of the gesture systems, users are provided with guidelines to follow hence operate their devices with ease.

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Gesture commands enable the users to trace a series of gestures in their phones screens while they are kept off. An incredible experience of the users is that the moves they make to these devices always yield positive results. For instance, a person can trace to deactivate or activate the flash at the back of their phones without creating so much attention to the devices unlike other in other devices without these gesture features. Although the actions like locating the left and right arrow when changing music seem hectic, on the hand it may be much easier than navigating all through the phone to find the same function.

Activating this features

The activation process of this feature is simple and easier. The user need only to go to the section noted as gesture setting. Without so much care, the user should choose the gesture that they want to use. Once the gesture is set, they can switch off the display and try to trace the function. The feature does not consume a lot of battery charge unless the user accidently activates the flashlight. The feature can be easily deactivated if it does not suit user’s needs.

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