Twitter and Instagram Trying to Clean Up their Sites

Twitter Instagram clean up

The social networking organizations utilized by thousands of the people, facing a dilemma. These companies want their users to post the material independently. However, they are also the huge pressure of blocking objectionable posts such as porn and violence speech as well as the acts of bullying and sexual harassment. Presently, both Twitter and Instagram declared the steps which are focused on making their sites cleaner and safer. The objective is to secure the users effectively from such offending posts while tending to prevent the onboard censorship.

On Thursday, Instagram which is now purchased by Facebook told that it is going to initiate the obscuring the photos which some of the users have found quite offending. Obviously, the level of objection depends on the perception created in the minds of the audience, but such type of posts may include the nudity or gore. The images and video clips which are flagged by the users and then termed as sensitive via an internal review will appear blurred, though users can still see the originals if they click on them.

While this stuff doesn’t offend the guidelines, some people in the group have reported against them, and the review team of Instagram has termed them sensitive. The concept is to give users a warning if they have any intention to look at such images, by making them blur. Before, as users are scrolling down through photos, they will get an advance alert for such content.

This news came after the Twitter’s vice president Chris Moody told that his company would use the IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology to search out the bullies on the online platform. Previously this has been used for evaluating the recipes and treatment of cancer, Watson will now get involved in the test carried out by the Twitter. The company had some abusive material too and had made the policy in which it mentioned that abuse would not be tolerated in any case.

According to their policy is someone makes a Twitter account, keeps posting there but nobody follows him, the system creates the impression that if such an account is traced, may exhibit that it has violated the Twitter rules. And the account is terminated.

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About three years ago, the IBM and Twitter made a deal for analyzing the online data, which will enable IBM to integrate Twitter’s data into some its business products. The Watson got a new job on Twitter, but it is not clear yet that if it is the part of that deal or not.

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