Parents advised removing OoVoo App from their Children’s Phones


Parents are being persuaded towards the deletion of a smartphone app from their kid’s phones as the students started receiving the explicit content from the stranger online. A note was sent to parents of school going children at Saddleworth school, warning them about not allowing the young kids to use the app of ooVoo. The assistant head Mike Anderson wrote in the not which was published on school’s website that some of the students had received the unsuitable messages and bold images.

He further told that the matter came to the attention of school’s administration. A lot of students are using the social network app ooVoo on their smartphones. This makes it easier for people to send weird messages and explicit media in the form of group messages. Few students have told that they have been contacted by the people they don’t even know and have got unsuitable messages and media content from strangers. Some of them were asked to do the video calls on the app. The school has contacted police for carrying out the investigation.

Having that said, he advised students to remove this app from their phones as early as possible and take care of the safety precautions while using the social media. Addressing to the parents, he pointed out that if they see that their kid is receiving any vulgar content, kindly do tell police directly. Kids must not be allowed to use ooVoo unless they reach the age of 15. However, most of the users are below25.

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The app provides the free video call service with 12 people at a time along with the voice call and text messaging services. ooVoo is a secret network, and it is suggested by the school authorities that users of this app should accept the friend requests of only those who they know completely and trust them. All of the privacy and security concerns should be taken seriously by everyone.


School decided to hire a chief security officer who keeps an eye on such type of activities, digs out the actual causes of these events and removes all the risky and suspicious accounts on the network. Even the policy of ooVoo implies that it is strictly prohibited to share explicit content with kids of age less than 13. The app runs the network operation with the help of a security team who uses resources for maintaining the protection of users on the network. Even then if such an event happened at such a level, then it would rise many questions regarding app’s security policy.

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